• 4: The hunger menace - Paul Hoffman - 22 June 2020

    4: The hunger menace

    "All that stands between mankind and anarchy is nine square meals. The fear of hunger makes the fear of viral infection look and feel like a Sunday school picnic. Anarchy is coming if nothing is done urgently in the DSD, Parliament, cabinet, court, the churches and the NGOs to stop wasting food and find a way to get it into hungry bellies. It is really as simple as that; we have everything we need except the efficient and effective public administration required by Section 195 of the Constitution, read with sections 1, 7(2), 27 and 28."

    Listen to Paul Hoffman unpack these concepts. Read more from Paul here and here.


    22 June 2020

  • 3: Stokvels - Andrew Hutchison - 10 June 2020

    3: Stokvels

    Andrew Hutchison explains stokvels and their function in South Africa's economic landscape, how stokvels are regulated and how the modern form of stokvel practice is ordered through a system of private contracting without referral of disputes to the Courts. He recently published an article on research done in Khayelitsha.


    10 June 2020

  • 2: Workers' rights in the time of COVID-19 - Meryl du Plessis - 25 May 2020

    2: Workers' rights in the time of COVID-19

    As the phases of lockdown are reduced and more people are allowed to return to work, find out what an employee can expect from their employer in respect of health and safety in the workplace in this time of COVID-19, with Meryl du Plessis.


    25 May 2020

  • 1: Ramadaan in the time of COVID-19 - Waheeda Amien and Ashraf Mahomed - 19 May 2020