Through its School for Advanced Legal Studies, UCT's Faculty of Law offers postgraduates an unparalleled choice of options in full- and part-time postgraduate studies. We have put together a short video to give you a quick overview of our postgraduate Law programmes. 

Our Faculty has a long-standing reputation for academic excellence and an innovative and critical approach to the law, attracting students from countries across the globe. Besides working with top academics, our students also have access to world-class teaching and research facilities, including an extensive law library.

Postgraduate Studies at the Faculty of Law fall into two main categories:

For information on funding your postgraduate studies please visit the UCT Postgraduate Funding web pages and the Faculty's scholarship funding page.


For the three-year graduate LLB degree, applicants must select the Faculty of Law when applying.  For the purposes of administration and registrations, this graduate LLB programme is listed as an undergraduate degree.  Applicants can only be admitted to this stream if they are a graduate of UCT or of another university or institution recognised by UCT.

Students enter this stream after completing a bachelor's degree without a law major. Applicants must obtain an average of at least 65% in a standard undergraduate degree to be admitted to this LLB. The applicant's results on a first sitting are used in calculating the average. As such, the results of supplementary examinations are not included but the results of deferred examinations are included.

Students with an average of less than 65% will not normally be admitted, but the Faculty may at its discretion admit students whom it believes nevertheless show the potential to succeed in their LLB studies.In exercising its discretion, the Faculty will consider the applicant's academic performance in the non-law subjects, taking account of the university's policy of redress and diversity. An applicant admitted on this basis may be offered a place on the 4-year programme.

For information on applying to UCT to do the 3-year graduate LLB, please find information at Applying to UCT Law, and also consult the Choose Law booklet.

Postgraduate Orientation and Registration 2023

All the information you need about Orientation and Registration for postgraduate programmes is available on the School for Advanced Legal Studies website. 

ALL POSTGRADUATE REGISTRATION QUERIES must be emailed to -  those sending queries to any other email address will experience a delay in getting a response.

To access a student advisor to assist with academic queries during your registration process, have a look at the information on the Student Advisors page.