Unlock innovation in law with our legal design webinar. Learn to create user-centric legal solutions, blending design thinking with legal expertise. Transform how legal services are delivered, enhancing accessibility, efficiency, and client engagement. Ideal for forward-thinking legal professionals, law students, and innovators. Join us to redefine the future of legal practice.

This two-hour webinar takes a look at legal design thinking as a basic but necessary framework in fostering innovation in the legal industry.


    3 June 2024, 9:00 to 11:00 SAST

    Webinar outline


    • Embrace design thinking in law: Understand and apply design thinking principles to create innovative, user-friendly legal solutions.
    • Enhance client experience: Learn techniques to improve client engagement and satisfaction in legal services.
    • Develop practical solutions: Gain skills to develop accessible, efficient legal documents and processes.
    • Foster creative problem-solving: Cultivate a mindset for creative and empathetic problem-solving in legal contexts.


    • Foundations of legal design: Introduction to design thinking principles and their application in the legal field.
    • User-centered legal services: Techniques for understanding and meeting client needs more effectively.
    • Visual communication in law: Learn to communicate legal concepts clearly through visual tools.
    • Innovative legal solutions: Develop practical projects that apply legal design in real-world scenarios.

    Who will benefit from this webinar?

    All legal practitioners who are interested in keeping up with changes in the legal industry.


    Leah Molatseli is a lawyer, legal technology and innovation specialist, published author and global speaker with broad experience in navigating technological advancements in empowering lawyers in whatever capacity they find themselves in as they navigate their professional careers, innovation and technology.

    How much?

    R780 per person

    How to sign up

    Complete and submit the registration form. You will then be given the payment information. Please note that registrations will not be accepted until payment has been made.

    One or two days before the webinar, we will send you the Zoom link. You will need to register and use a password to enter the webinar.

    Registrations close three days before the webinar.

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