"Sometimes it takes a pandemic of magnificent proportions to force us to make changes and be innovative in the way that we do things to survive. The impact of COVID-19 on the legal profession is yet to be fully measured and assessed but, what is clear, is that many have been forced to look at new ways to do what we have to do and sometimes perform legal tasks differently." - Leah Molatseli, 2020

This two-hour webinar takes a look at legal design thinking as a basic but necessary framework in fostering innovation in the legal industry.


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    Webinar outline

    The webinar will cover the following:

    • What is legal design thinking?
    • How and where can legal design thinking be applied:
      • In business strategy?
      • In lawyering (performing traditional legal tasks)?
    • What are the benefits and challenges of legal design thinking?

    Who will benefit from this webinar?

    All legal practitioners who are interested in keeping up with changes in the legal industry.


    Leah Molatseli, co-founder and CEO of Lenoma Legal, a virtual legal tech startup. As a legal technology and innovation specialist she enjoys the intersection of law and tech and seeing how it can help move the industry forward. A notable writer, she writes extensively on topical legal technology and innovation.

    How much?

    R695 per person

    How to sign up

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