The Faculty holds a number of named and other scholarships for undergraduate and postgraduate Law students registered at UCT, in support of student fees.

The Faculty's LLB scholarships are focused on supporting transformation and redress, targeting South African students with historical and current disadvantage who would not otherwise be able to fund their studies. These scholarships vary in name, amount, application process, and renewability. Since there are a very limited number of scholarships available, selection is competitive and is ultimately based on academic excellence and grades.

The Faculty's postgraduate scholarships are based on academic merit, with a number of named scholarships focused on particular research interests.

The information provided here will assist you in determining whether you are eligible to apply for either an LLB Law scholarship or a postgraduate Law Scholarship, whichever is applicable. 

Applications are very competitive and decisions are made primarily on academic achievement.

In addition to the Faculty's own donor-funded scholarship programme, UCT runs a strong financial support programme, and there is plenty of information available on how the various support packages are structured. In addition, external funding opportunities for undergraduate Law students can be sourced in the Undergraduate Bursaries Handbook 13 available here, while UCT runs a dedicated Postgraduate Funding unit to provide information and guidance on postgraduate funding options and opportunities.