Below is a table presenting postgraduate degrees and programme specialisations that involve coursework - along with the names of the programme convenors in each specialisation.

For more information on these programmes, please review the Law Faculty Handbook or contact the Postgraduate Administrator in the Law Faculty Office.

Postgraduate Programme Convenors' details can be found here.

Specialisation PG Diploma



Professional Masters Programme Convenors
Commercial Law


Dr T Thabane
Comparative Business Law in Africa



Professor A Ordor

Constitutional & Administrative Law



Professor P de Vos

Criminology, Law & Society


Assoc Professor K Moult

Dispute Resolution

M Carels

Environmental Law

Assoc Professor M Murcott

Human Rights Law



S Lutchman

Intellectual Property Law


Assoc Professor L-A Tong

International Law



Assoc Professor C Powell

International Taxation



B Cronin

International Trade Law


Dr K Lehmann

Judicial Studies



Em Professor H Corder and Professor P de Vos

Labour Law


Professor R Le Roux

Law of Mineral & Petroleum Extraction and Use


Professor H Mostert

Marine & Environmental Law

Assoc Professor M Murcott

Public Law



Assoc Professor C Powell

Shipping Law

Assoc Professor G Bradfield

Tax Law


Assoc Professor A Titus