For students seeking concessions:

1. you may either make initial enquiries at the Faculty Office (Kramer, Level 4) or you can complete the applicable form here and submit this via peoplesoft

2. you will need departmental (programme / course convenor) approval.

Exams without Attendance (EWA)

EWAs are discretionary and are only permitted in exceptional circumstances and where the student provides proof that ALL of the following requirements are fulfilled:

  1. The student must have taken the course previously but failed
  2. The course failed must be in the second semester of the student’s registration
  3. The student has been granted a concession to register for the same course pursuant to the Law Faculty rules (see above)
  4. The course concerned must be the only taught course that the student still needs to pass to graduate
  5. The course convenor must have confirmed that the content of the course has not changed and will not change substantially since the student last took the course
  6. There is a reasonable prospect of passing the course without attendance, having regard to the student’s academic record and other relevant factors
  7. There is a reasonable prospect that the student will complete any outstanding minor dissertation or research tasks
  8. There are compelling financial, medical or other personal reasons for allowing an EWA, such as the financial hardship of having to return for a single course, the need to take up employment, or the fact that the student is an international student or lives outside Cape Town (digitally mediated courses may obviate some of these considerations)
  9. In the case of a course being failed in the first semester of the student’s registration, the student did not have an opportunity to complete an additional course in the second semester of registration.