Expertise in the complex realm of taxation

The UCT Law postgraduate programmes in South African tax law are offered by the Faculty's tax law experts - Professor Johann HattinghAssociate Professor Afton Titus, and Mr Ben Cronin - and are for those seeking to excel in the dynamic world of taxation.

With its complex regulatory landscape and always-evolving tax codes, South Africa offers a wealth of opportunities for professionals to specialise and advance their careers in tax law. These postgraduate qualification options offer numerous benefits that extend beyond traditional legal education.

As tax laws continually evolve, professionals with up-to-date expertise are in high demand. Our postgraduate programmes in South African tax law equip participants with an in-depth understanding of the intricate regulations and legislation in this area that are applicable in South Africa, and ensure that participants are equipped with the tools to navigate complex tax structures, interpret legislation accurately, and offer sound legal advice to clients, including business, organisations and individuals.

Whether you're an aspiring tax attorney, accountant, corporate advisor, government official, or other specialist working in the tax field, our postgraduate options in Tax Law will enrich your knowledge and enable you to develop strategies for clients that minimise tax liability while maximising compliance. The specialised insights developed through postgraduate study will ensure enhanced career prospects. These programmes enable participants to become invaluable assets in guiding clients through complex tax scenarios.

Our programme options are ideal for recent law graduates looking to specialise in tax law, as well as experienced legal and tax practitioners seeking to refine their skills; for financial professionals aiming to gain a comprehensive understanding of taxation; for business owners aiming to navigate tax intricacies efficiently; and for those working in government tax entities and policy development environments.

Programme structure

The Tax Law postgraduate options include a postgraduate diploma, an LLM or MPhil, and a Professional Masters. Each of these has different requirements and a different programme structure. Further information is in the Faculty's handbook and on our Programmes pages.


Courses on offer in the various qualification options include the following core tax courses. The Tax Law specialisation does not accommodate any elective courses.

  • General Tax Law Provisions
  • Specific Tax Law Provisions
  • Tax Treaty Law
  • Tax Policy in a Developmental Context

Programme codes for Tax Law

Postgraduate Diploma: LG002CML11

LLM/ MPhil - coursework & dissertation: LM003CML11/LM002CML11

Professional Masters (coursework only): LM021CML11