Associate Professor Lee-Ann Tong

LLM University College London
LLM  University of Turin
Attorney of the High Court of South Africa (non-practising)


Dr Lee-Ann Tong is an associate professor in the Department of Commercial Law. She holds BA (Honours), LLB and PhD degrees from the University of Cape Town, and LLM degrees in Intellectual Property Law from University College London and the University of Turin.

She teaches intellectual property law at LLB and LLM level and is currently the convenor for the postgraduate intellectual property law programme.

Her main area of interest is the allocation of intellectual property rights in the employment context although she has published on various aspects of intellectual property locally and in international journals. She is the author the Juta IP Fundamentals series of books and a contributor to Van der Merwe, A et al Law of Intellectual Property.

She is the co-founder and co-editor of the South African Intellectual Property Law Journal (IPLJ).


CML 4503S LLB Intellectual Property Law A elective

CML4504S LLB Intellectual Property Law B elective

CML5678F LLM Principles of Intellectual Property Law

CML5680S LLM Advanced Intellectual Property Law


LLM and PhD level in intellectual property-related topics.

Final year LLB research papers.