Our postgraduate programmes aren't only about sitting in lecture theatres and the library. Course convenors regularly energise their classrooms and the learning endeavour with active discussions and seminars, additional activities for fun, more socially-oriented activities to bolster the PG Law experience, and fellowship and exchange opportunities. 

In addition to hosting an active Postgraduate Law Students Council, the Faculty is home to a range of initiatives designed to make academic work a little less onerous, and a little more fun.

Postgraduate Monthly Seminars

Every month, usually from March to November, the Postgraduate Teaching Assistants hold a seminar for postgrad research students to present their research in an open, friendly, supportive environment. To find out more, or to be included on the mailing list, contact the PG Teaching Assistants.

The Postgraduate Hub

Besides what the Faculty offers by way of the postgraduate student experience, visit the Postgraduate Hub to find out about the full range of services, support units, libraries and other benefits of being a Postgrad at UCT. At the Hub you will find videos, information, downloadable resources and much more.

In addition, the Postgraduate Office hosts regular skills-related and other academic events for postgrads - particularly those focused on research - and they provide a whole easily-accessible calendar of activities.

Law Higher Degrees Colloquia

The Faculty held its 2021 Law Higher Degrees Colloquium on 28 September as part of our efforts to encourage rigorous research and energetic intellectual exchange, providing a platform for our postgraduate research students to present their work to academics and other researchers. The colloquium comprised three sessions and a special session with Emeritus Professor Hugh Corder on Succeeding in Research and Scholarship. The session recordings are available here.








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Not in the Classroom - Environmental Law (Feb 2020)