Research is core to the Faculty's Masters-level and PhD programmes. 

LLM and MPhil programmes with coursework and dissertation require a submisision of not more than 25,000 words. Although an original contribution to knowledge is always desirable in a minor dissertation/research paper, it is not an essential requirement. However, candidates must show that they have:

  1. a thorough knowledge of the chosen subject 
  2. mastered techniques required for competent research in law
  3. the capacity for independent thought and sound reasoning
  4. satisfactorily presented the results of research.

The School for Advanced Legal Studies has developed guidelines for Masters-level dissertations  - read this booklet thoroughly before embarking on your research to understand details of:

  • What is Expected of a Minor Dissertation/Research Paper
  • Finding a Supervisor
  • Expectations and Responsibilities of Students and Supervisors
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Publication and Copyright
  • Plagiarism
  • Research Ethics
  • Language policy
  • Postgraduate Writing Centre
  • Guidelines on the Format of the Minor Dissertations/Research Paper
  • Guidelines on Language and Style
  • Submission and Examination Process
  • Important Contacts in the Law Faculty

We have also included here a copy of the Student Guide.

All students registered for a dissertation component must complete the Memorandum of Understanding at the point of registration on the online registration system. Returning students are required to complete the Annual Supplement to the Memorandum of Understanding on the online system at the point of registration each academic year.