Masters courses in Commercial Law

Please consult the Faculty Handbook for full course detail, programme requirements, and regulations.

CML5601F           Advanced Company Law

CML5613S           Collective Labour Law

CML5619F           Law of International Trade

CML5624F           Admiralty Jurisdiction and Practice

CML5625F           Maritime Law

CML5626S           Carriage of Goods by Sea

CML5631S           Mediation

CML5641S           Commercial Arbitration

CML5651F           Individual Employment Law

CML5654S           Competition Law

CML5657F           Electronic Intellectual Property Law

CML5658S           Electronic Transactions Law

CML5661F           General Tax Law Provisions

CML5661S           Specific Tax Law Provisions

CML5663S           Advanced Tax Law (not offered in 2022)

CML5664F           Law, Regional Integration and Development in Africa

CML5666F           Comparative Law and Business in Africa

CML5667S           Advanced Corporate Governance

CML5671F           Negotiation

CML5672S           Corporate Financing

CML5673S           International Commercial Transactions Law

CML5676S           Workplace Discrimination and Equality Law

CML5677F           Islamic Law and Finance 

CML5678F           Principles of Intellectual Property Law

CML5680S           Advanced Intellectual Property Law

CML5687S           Chinese Law and Investments in Africa

CML5691S           Intellectual Property Law, Development and Innovation

CML5692F           Company Law, Corporate Governance and Labour Law

CML5693S           Marine Insurance Law

FTX4036S            Research Methods in Taxation

FTX5034F            International Tax

FTX5033S            International Tax II