Company Law CML2001F

This course is taught in Commerce, Humanities, Science and Engineering & Built Environment. 

Commerce Faculty

Company Law is compulsory for BBusSci Finance and Accounting, and for BCom Financial Accounting – both the General Accounting and CA streams.

Company Law is a recommended elective for BCom IS and Management Studies.

EBE Faculty

Company Law is a recommended elective for Construction Studies (EB015) and Property Studies (EB017).

Company Law is an elective for Property Studies Hons and Construction Studies Hons (EH003)

Humanities and Science Faculties

Company Law is offered as an elective course in the Humanities and Science Faculties.


CML2001F | Richard Bradstreet                          


CML2001F | Tebello Thabane

Course Outline

The course offers an overview of the laws that govern the nature, formation and management of partnerships, trusts, companies and close corporations with the main focus being on companies. Students are encouraged to apply the analytical abilities they will have acquired in previous law courses. These skills are further developed in this course. After the course students will be able, amongst others things, to navigate the Companies Act 71 of 2008 and will be familiar with its core provisions and their practical impact.

Lecture times: The course is an intensive one with 5 contact periods per week for the full semester.  

DP requirements: Coursework is compulsory. Students who do not submit hand-ins or write tests will receive a mark of 0 for that assessment (unless granted an exemption). However, such students will be able to write the exam.

Assessment: Coursework 40%; final examination 60%.  



SAICA (South African Institute of Chartered Accountants) - every three years

ACCA (International version of SAICA) - every five years


Department of Construction Economics and Management (part of EBE) - regular review