Final Level, half course, second semester, two lectures per week.

9 NQF credits at HEQSF level 8

Convener: Associate Professor K Idensohn

Course  entry  requirements:  All  Preliminary  and  Intermediate  Level  courses  to  have  been completed.

Course outline:

This course provides a comparative and critical overview of the legal nature, regulation, relative advantages and disadvantages, and ideological and theoretical bases of a number of different legal forms and models that are used for the carrying on of commercial activities and in structuring commercial relationships, with an emphasis on those that fall outside the compulsory LLB course curriculum. The particular forms and models that will be considered each year will vary in accordance with current legal and commercial trends and are likely to include partnerships, joint ventures, companies, franchising, licensing and distribution agreements, co-operatives and trusts.

DP requirements: None

Assessment: Coursework 20%, November examination 80%