Regardless of which direction one might like to take as a legal professional, a solid grounding in Commercial Law is essential. 

Commercial Law is therefore a core component of the University of Cape Town's LLB, with the first Commercial Law courses comprising part of the Intermediate Year course load.  Electives are part of the final year LLB - and Commercial Law offers a wide range of options to choose from.

For students looking to specialise in Commercial Law, the Faculty offers an excellent choice of Masters programmes in a number of Commercial Law areas - with a choice of postgraduate elective courses.  In addition to a coursework LLM option, students can choose to do an LLM by coursework and dissertation, or they can do a Masters by research only. Find the details of an academic specialising in your area of interest and approach them for suggestions and advice.

Commercial Law is home to a large cohort of PhD students who have come from many different parts of the globe to dedicate themselves to their Commercial Law research interests under the guidance of UCT Law's area experts.

For course lists and options, please look at the relevant tabs under this menu. For full course details, consult the Faculty Handbook.