(Professional Master's degree)

Programme Convener: Ms Monique Carels

The curriculum, with a total of 180 credits, comprises three compulsory courses, one elective course and four independent research tasks demonstrating professional expertise. 

Compulsory (core) courses

Code Course NQF Credits HEQSF Level
CML5631S Mediation 30 9
CML5641S Commercial Arbitration 30 9
CML5671F Negotiation 30 9

Compulsory (core) Research Tasks [to the value of 60 credits] - Four of the following courses (15 credits each):

Code Course NQF Credits HEQSF Level
CML5631X Mediation - Research Task 15 9
CML5641X Commercial Arbitration - Research Task 15
CML5671X Negotiation - Research Task 15
One Elective Research Task                                         15                    9