The Professional Law Courses Unit, based in the Department of Commercial Law, delivers professional Law courses to undergraduate students in other Faculties (Commerce, Humanities, Engineering & the Built Environment, and Science). Some of the courses are required for these undergraduate degree programmes, and others are offered as electives.

Across all of these service courses, the Law Faculty teaches courses for more than 2 500 non-Law students undertaking their degrees in other Faculties.

The purpose of these courses is to give students in other faculties a basic grounding in the legal issues which they will face not only in their professional lives, but also in their personal lives.

The law is pervasive and affects everybody. For example, every single person will enter into hundreds of contracts during their lifetime. Every time you buy a cool drink or a snack that constitutes a contract with legal implications, just as when you get married or buy your first home, or set up your business. Most of us will enter into some kind of credit agreement such as a mortgage, a credit card, or an account at a store. 

If you take the Business Law courses, you will understand your legal rights and duties in these kinds of contracts, as well as other important legal situations.

Our other courses are more specialised and, as the names suggest, provide insight into Company Law and Labour Law. As leaders of the future in business and industry, it is critical that students understand the laws which govern employment and corporate structures.

The Professional Law Courses Unit's courses are accredited by various institutions both locally and some internationally - but above all the subject matter is relevant and vibrant.


Summer term courses