Course outline:

  1. A student may do an Independent Research Paper instead of the seminars and research paper elective. Students prepare their papers by working individually under the supervision of a member of the Faculty.
  2. Independent research papers should be about 8000 words in length.
  3. The final title of research to be done under individual supervision of a member of staff must be approved by registration day.
  4. All papers must be completed by the end of the mid-term vacation in the second semester of the final LLB year (i.e. mid-September). 
  5. Students may be expected to attend a number of general lectures on writing and structuring research papers at the start of the academic year.
  6. Students may do more than one research paper (subject to the usual conditions). Each research paper counts 9 credits. All research papers must comply with the requirements for the research papers written in fulfilment of the Final Level research component of the LLB.