UCT Law has compiled a handy INTERNATIONAL STUDENT GUIDE: Arrival and Orientation Information for Postgraduate students, to help our incoming postgraduates to navigate their way around the university, around Cape Town and around local resources and facilities and "ways of doing".

A caution though: this information must be used in conjunction with the information provided to you by UCT's International Academic Programmes Office - so please do check information before you make any decisions, as things can change, and we cannot accept any responsibility for losses that may result from using the information in this guide.

We summarise briefly the main categories of information in the guide:

  1. Location of the Faculty of Law 
  2. Faculty Office
  3. Accommodation (including on-campus accommodation for postgraduates)
  4. Transport (including the UCT Shuttle Service)
  5. Healthcare (including the UCT Student Wellness Service and private services)
  6. Disability Support at UCT
  7. National holidays 
  8. Safety in South Africa
  9. Finance (including banks, bank accounts and currency)
  10. Electricity (including loadshedding)
  11. Mobile phones
  12. Weather 
  13. Shopping, supermarkets and shopping centres 
  14. Fitness (including the UCT Gym) 
  15. UCT Clubs and Societies
  16. Religion
  17. Academic Resources & Services at UCT
  18. Internet and wifi

We hope this guide is useful.

If you have any suggestions, or find any errors or out-of-date information, please do let us know!