Dr Tebello Thabane

Senior Lecturer

BA (Law)LLB National University of Lesotho
LLM (Commercial Law) Universiy of Pretoria 
LLM (Human Rights) University of Free State
PhD University of Cape Town
Certificate (Commercial Meditation) UCT
Advocate of the High Courts of South Africa and Lesotho

Tebello is an advocate of the High Courts of South Africa and Lesotho. He is Senior Lecturer in commercial law at the Faculty of Law, University of Cape Town, and is a PhD graduate of the same department. His thesis focused on the impact of the ownership and control architecture of state-owned companies on issues of corporate governance. He holds the following degrees: BA (Law), LLB, LLM (Commercial Law), LLM (Human Rights) and a PhD.

He further holds postgraduate certificates in Corporate Compliance and Commercial Dispute Mediation.

Tebello practiced as an advocate for several years and later served as the Principal Secretary and Chief Advisor to the Minister of Law and Constitutional Affairs in the government of Lesotho before joining the academy. He lectures Company Law, Corporate Governance and Business Law.

Areas of Interest

  • Company Law
  • Corporate Governance
  • Compliance
  • Regulatory design and practice
  • Business and Human Rights


  • T. Thabane, The removal of directors in state-owned companies: Shareholders’ franchise in jeopardy? Molefe and others v Minister of Transport and others South African Mercantile Law Journal 30 (2018) 155–171.
  • T. Thabane, Pathological corporate governance deficiencies in South Africa’s state-owned companies: A critical reflection Potchefstroom Electronic Law Journal 21 (2018) 1–31(with E Snyman).
  • T. Thabane, A Contract of engagement as an unenforceable pactum de contrahendo under South African law: Distilling lessons for Lesotho courts Speculum Juris (forthcoming 2018).
  • T. Thabane, Weak extraterritorial remedies: The Achilles heel of Ruggie’s ‘Protect, Respect and Remedy’ Framework and Guiding Principles African Human Rights Law Journal 1 (2014) 43–60.
  • T. Thabane, ‘Stacking the odds against the accused’: Appraising the curial attitude towards amici participation in criminal matters’ South African Journal of Criminal Justice 24 (2011) 19–32.
  • T. Thabane, The impact of the African Charter and Women’s Protocol in Lesotho, (2012) 79–90 (Book Chapter) (PULP) (with I Shale).
  • T. Thabane, ‘Racism in the Workplace’ Industrial Law Journal 29 (2008) 43–51 (With A Rycroft)
  • T. Thabane, ‘Bridging the gap between de jure and de facto parliamentary representation of women in Africa’ CILSA 42 (2008) 175–204 (with MC Buthelezi).

Conference Presentations

  • State-owned companies and the notion of ‘corporate governance in the public interest’ (4th International Corporate Governance Society Conference, Shanghai, China 1314 October 2018).
  • Corporate governance and the failure of state-owned companies (4th Annual International Mercantile Law Conference, Bloemfontein, 13 November 2017).
  • The ownership and control architecture of South Africa’s state-owned companies and its impact on corporate governance: An overview (3rd International Corporate Governance Society Conference – Rome, Italy 23 Sep 2017).
  • The ‘protect, respect and remedy’ framework and the guiding principles: emphasising the host state at the expense of the home state judicial mechanisms? (International Conference on the “Protect, Respect and Remedy” Framework: Charting a Future or Taking the Wrong Turn for Business and Human Rights? Constitution Hill, Johannesburg, South Africa, January 2012).

Special Awards

  • University of KwaZulu Natal Emerging Researcher Award
  • University of Pretoria Academic Honorary Colours Award (Award for academic excellence)
  • M Butterworth Prize (Best LLB graduate in Human Rights and Humanitarian Law) 
  • Mokhele Kabi Memorial Award (Best BA Law graduate in Mercantile Law)