Student projects at Kramer Law

Kramer Law students do more than study Law. UCT's law students are active and committed to sharing their knowledge and expertise with schools off-campus in a range of non-profit initiatives.

  • Altum Sonatur Student Magazine

Altum Sonatur is the UCT Law student magazine.  Efforts are made to publish four issues every year - focused on high quality student-driven content on topical and important law-related issues. Keep your eyes open throughout the year for the latest issue, available free on campus. Altum Sonatur also runs a blog.

  • Black Lawyers Association of South Africa

The Black Lawyers Association of South Africa (BLASC-UCT) has student chapters at many of South Africa's Law schools. UCT Faculty of Law is no exception. You can find out more about us on twitter and instagram.

  • Chamber of Legal Students

This project provides support to high school learners and also provides an important opportunity for law students to engage in the practical work of a clinic-type advisory service. 

  • Constitutional Literacy and Service Initiative

The Constitutional Literacy and Service Initiative (‘CLASI’) is a constitutional law-based programme that takes place in local schools in the Southern Suburbs. The aim of this programme is to teach high school learners about their basic constitutional rights and other constitutional law mechanisms relating to the governance of our country.

  • Human Upliftment Project

The Human Upliftment Project, a nonprofit human rights organisation founded by students from the University of Cape Town, has partnered with CASAC on a new human rights education and Constitutional Literacy programme for high school pupils. The project is based on African Customary Law and the effects of colonialism on this legal system. To find out more about the project, and to get involved, you can contact the organisers. 

  • SHAWCO Law

SHAWCO Law is a project under SHAWCO Education, led by UCT law students, whereby UCT Law Students have the opportunity to teach and mentor grade 8 and 9 learners from SHAWCO-served community high schools on topics of law and broader socio-economic matters. A predetermined curriculum is taught each week with an emphasis on student participation and engagement. The aim of this project is to promote responsible citizenship and cultivate informed communities, while at the same time growing the confidence of these high school learners. To find out more, follow us on instagram.

  • Students for Law and Social Justice

Students for Law and Social Justice (SLSJ) is a South African student organisation dedicated to protecting human rights, preventing discrimination and promoting social justice. The society has been formed in partnership between students in various universities across South Africa, with the aim to transform legal education and access to justice. SLSJ-UCT, run by students for students, has three components: a legal referral clinic, a mentorship program for girls in Phillipi, and research, advocacy & education. Interested? Find us on Instagram.

  • UCT Moot Society

The UCT Moot Society is an active student-run organisation of Law students. For more information, you can join us on instagram.