Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela - friend, colleague and comrade of Oliver Tambo - graciously accepted the Faculty's invitation in 2001 to be Patron of The Oliver Tambo Moot Court. In his letter of acceptance, Dr Mandela indicated that he would be honoured to be associated in this way with a project in a field of study and practice so close to his heart, adding that the linking of the Tambo and Mandela names is of special significance to him. There was no person who stood more solidly for the transformation of South Africa into a fair and just society than Madiba. In both concept and design, the Oliver Tambo Moot Court is intended to speak for that transformation - of our society at large and of our university and Faculty in particular.


The Law Faculty is honoured to have had Dr Nelson Mandela as Patron of The Oliver Tambo Moot Court.