The Moot Court is a highly utilised and sought after venue for teaching, seminars, events and mooting. The venue is sometimes, under special conditions, available for rental for external events - depending on internal demands and availability. Please contact the Faculty's Marketing Office for further information on hiring this fantastic seminar and moot space. 


The Moot Court seats a total of 57 people: three Judges on the bench; two Registrars; two Recorders; 12 at Counsel's bar; a witness/presenter's stand; and 37 in the gallery. Some additional seating can be added. 

The Court is equipped with presentation and recording facilities for in-person, online and hybrid events.  

The venue caters for the needs of both the University and members of the legal profession who may make use of the Court for arbitration, mediation or even specialist court hearings. Bringing dispute resolution into the Law Faculty better serves both the profession and the Law Faculty's teaching.