Blogs, articles, opinions and more

Many of the Law Faculty staff regularly contribute articles to the media, or post on their own blogs. This focus on issues, and sharing of opinions and perspectives, contributes energy and impetus to discussions in the public space on matters relating to the state, the law, social justice, access to justice, the practice of law - and other issues central to legal education at the University of Cape Town.

See at the links below (in no particular order) for more detail on, and links to, this area of writing from members of the UCT Law Faculty staff!

Professor Caroline Ncube - on Intellectual Property and related issues 

Professor Pierre de Vos - on all matters Constitution Constitutionally Speaking

Dr Fatima Khan - on refugees, their rights, Home Affairs and Immigration Law media articles

Ms Lauren Kohn - blog

Dr Andrew Hutchison - media articles

Mike Law - media article

Associate Prof Richard Calland - media articles

Adjunct Prof Wend Wendland on intellectual property policy issues being negotiated in multilateral fora - Multilateral Matters 

Associate Prof Hannah Woolaver on international law 

Ms Nurina Ally - on early childhood development