Key points to note on Admissions to the UCT Law Faculty:

  1. All applications for undergraduate study in the Faculty for the following year close in the current year. Head to UCT's Online Applications site if you want to submit an application to UCT by the deadline.
  2. As a principle the Faculty of Law does not accept walk-ins and will refer any walk-in to the CACH website to look at programme alternatives
  3. If a prospective student does qualify for entrance, applications for the following year open in the April or May of the current year, and applicants can use the standard channels to seek an offer of placement for the following year.
  4. If you are an undergraduate (LLB) applicant, and have not been offered a place at UCT, we encourage you to pursue your academic endeavours at other tertiary institutions. Information about study alternatives are available at the CACH (Central Applications Clearing House) link above, or on 086 011 1673.
  5. If you need NSFAS funding, be sure to apply to NSFAS in good time.

All undergraduate registration or applicant queries must be sent to or call 021 650 3086. All postgradaute registration or applicant queries must be sent to  - or visit the School for Advanced Legal Studies website for additional information. Faculty helpdesk staff will ensure that calls and emails are answered or responded to as soon as possible.

For the Law Faculty's LLB Admission Requirements, have a look at the Choose Law booklet.