The Constitutional Literacy and Service Initiative (‘CLASI’) is a constitutional law-based programme that takes place in local schools in the Southern Suburbs. The aim of this programme is to teach high school learners about their basic constitutional rights and other
constitutional law mechanisms relating to the governance of our country.

As a registered non-governmental organisation, we aim to raise awareness about citizen’s constitutional rights.

CLASI focuses on working predominantly with historically disadvantaged communities in Cape Town, but schools of various backgrounds are invited to partake in the programme presented. Law students from the University of Cape Town, as part of a credit-bearing experiential learning opportunity, receive skills training to serve as Teaching Fellows in multiple schools around Cape Town, teaching constitutional literacy classes and engaging high school learners and the communities of which they are a part about the Constitution through workshops, public discussion, and advocacy.

If you are interested in our work, and want to be in touch with CLASI, contact the organisational committee below:

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The engagement of communities is critical to building a successful pro-democracy and pro-constitutional movement within
South Africa and to further our constitutional ideals.

CLASI - information Sheet

CLASI - Rules Manual

CLASI - Schools Teaching Manual