The Chamber of Legal Students

While the project provides support to high school learners, it also provides an important opportunity for law students to engage in the practical work of a clinic-type advisory service.

Potential clients can contact the organisation either via cell phone or e-mail, giving details such as the learner’s name, school and grade, as well as a brief overview of the situation resulting in a disciplinary process. Law students then serve as representatives to attend the hearing with the client to ensure that due process is followed, and that the learner’s procedural rights are protected as far as possible. 

To find out more, or to get involved, contact the team on  You can also find The Chamber of Legal Students on facebook at and on Twitter on @legalstudents.

With the UCT Branch having started in 2018, Chambers has supported many cases with both high school learners and university students. 

UCT Branch Director and Faculty advisors

Teagan Brummer, UCT Branch Director