Emeritus Associate Professor Lesley Greenbaum

Associate Professor Emeritus


Emeritus Associate Professor Lesley Greenbaum has a BA, LLB (cum laude) and an MEd (cum laude) in Higher Education from the University of Natal, and a PhD in Education from the University of KwaZulu-Natal. Her doctoral dissertation focused on the curriculum of the four-year undergraduate LLB degree. She lectured in Business Law and foundational law courses at the (then) University of Natal for over 17 years where, as an Associate Professor, she served as Assistant Dean in the Law Faculty for several years. In 2010 Lesley moved to the University of Cape Town to join the Department of Private Law.

Research interests & expertise

Legal education and legal writing.


Lesley has served as the convenor of the Foundations of South African Law course, and she is responsible for coordinating the Extended Curriculum Programme.

Commissions & professional service

Lesley served on a panel of experts on a task team of the Council for Higher Education (CHE) for the purpose of generating the standards for the LLB degree. She is also engaged in commissioned research for the South African Law Deans' Association on the identification of an appropriate pedagogy for law and related topics around teaching and learning in law.


Lesley has co-authored two first-year law textbooks: Introduction to South African Law and Legal Skills, and Foundations of South African Law: Critical Issues for Law Students, with Professor Peggy Maisel.

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Chapters in Books

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