A leader in international arbitration - Lise Bosman

24 Apr 2023
Lise Bosman
24 Apr 2023

From her UCT LLB degree, to her first job at the Legal Resources Centre, to serving as ED at the ICCA and as Senior Counsel at the PCA, Lise Bosman shares insights into her career, in a recent interview with ArbitralWomen Board Member and YAWP Director, Lizzie Chan:

"The focus of my work at ICCA and the PCA has been in developing ICCA publications, and in building ICCA as an institution. ICCA has been through a fundamental transition in the past 10 years — from an elite by-invitation-only Council to a truly global organization with a modern structure and new activities. This reimagining of ICCA has offered me so many opportunities: as a founding co-chair of Young ICCA and its mentoring programme; developing the capacity for ICCA to take on research and outreach projects; supporting the process of democratising the ICCA Governing Board; and establishing Working Groups on African Arbitral Practice and Chinese Arbitral Practice, to name a few. The institution-building aspect of my work has been the most satisfying aspect and has called for a collaborative management style.

Today, we have 1,000 ICCA members, over 10,000 Young ICCA members, a Governing Board with gender parity (having started with 7% female membership in 2011), a thriving projects capacity, the ability to serve our worldwide membership in a focused way, and a commitment to inclusiveness at every level of the organization."

In addition to these roles, Lise also teaches International Arbitration as Adjunct Professor in the UCT Law Faculty's Commercial Law Department. The full ArbitralWomen interview is available here for download