Constitutional Court: online records?

13 Feb 2023 | By Nurina Ally
Nurina Ally

Nurina Ally, a specialist in constitutional and administrative law. 

13 Feb 2023 | By Nurina Ally

The records on the Constitutional Court website are a crucial resource for lawyers, academics, journalists and the public. But in recent years record-keeping has been neglected and key documents are sometimes missing.

Reliable, up-to-date information on the Constitutional Court’s website is all-important to ensuring transparency, participation, and accountability in the Court’s work.

When first established, the Court appeared to be leading the way in effective online record-keeping. Justice Dikgang Moseneke was so in awe of the Court’s website when he first joined the Court, he described it as a “marvel”. But the zeal for innovation has seemed to wane. Worse, there are signs of neglect.

The full article was published on GroundUp (1 February 2023).