Covid-19, learners and constitutional law

03 Sep 2021
03 Sep 2021

A reflection on the implications of Covid-19 measures for learners from a constitutional law perspective

"There is a growing body of literature on the short- to long-term effects of the pandemic on ECD learners, but the bulk of it comes from the medical and socioeconomic perspectives.

We are living in fluid and difficult times. The “rona”, as my students colloquially refer to it, has rocked our world in ways that will not be fully understood for a very long time. Yet, it is not premature to raise serious concerns about its implications. In this article, I do so through the lens of the law and with a focus on the negative impact on the current cohort of learners, and especially those at ECD level (early childhood development)."

The full article is available on the Daily Maverick platform.