Air & Aviation Law - a new focus at UCT Law

23 Jul 2020
23 Jul 2020

The University of Cape Town is now inviting applications for admission to the Faculty of Law’s PhD and Master's Programmes with a focus on Air and Aviation Law. These degrees are by research and dissertation only (no course work).

This is an exciting new area for the Faculty, and is led by Distinguished Professor Philippe Salazar who recently authored Air Law (2019) – a book focused on the laws of air and aviation in South Africa, the first book of its kind on this particular legal focus, and a publication hailed as of great value to the aviation community (more information on this can be found at

Distinguished Professor Salazar is keen to work with postgraduate research students interested in this area of specialisation. Students are invited to submit topics for their research, provided that they remain within the wider range of aviation or air law regulations, international or local. Cases are looked at individually on the merit of the proposal.

This is a unique opportunity for pilots or aviation administrators to gain an advanced degree from Africa's top-ranking institution and from an internationally renowned Law Faculty, and the programme has already attracted top aviation executives.

Students do NOT need to hold a law degree to enrol for a Masters programme. For a PhD, however, a LLM (Masters in Law) is recommended - but  not compulsory. For more information contact UCT Law’s Postgraduate Manager, Ms Patricia Phillips or Distinguished Prof Philippe-Joseph Salazar, and visit for general information about postgraduate study in the Faculty of Law.