Flying safely - a new book on Air Law

27 Sep 2019
27 Sep 2019

Air Law: A comprehensive sourcebook for Southern African pilots is the first book on air law published by a leading South African academic. Distinguished Professor Philippe Salazar, co-Director of the Faculty of Law's Centre for Rhetoric Studies, is the author of this important new Law publication, intended for the Southern African pilots’ community. Telling the story of flying safely, and basically a pilot text book, Air Law provides instructors and student pilots with the in-depth knowledge required to pass their pilot exams and earn their pilot's licence. 


Air Law is written in an easy-to-read, accessible style, is clearly presented and is fully referenced. To become competent and compliant aviators and pilots, students of flying will benefit from this new publication as it guides them through complex regulations. "Air Law will also help commercial pilots to secure the core knowledge of air law that they need to progress to advanced procedures", writes Juta Law, the publishers of Air Law

Including a section for drone pilots, the book offers aviation enthusiasts and specialists deep insight into the "art of safe flying". Following a VFR pilot on a cross-country flight, Air Law shows readers the rules, regulations, and demands of air law.

About the author 

Philippe-Joseph Salazar is Distinguished Professor in the Faculty of Law, at the University of Cape Town, and is co-Director of the Faculty's Centre for Rhetoric Studies. He is an internationally acclaimed author of some 30 books in five languages and the recipient of several prestigious accolades, including a rare A1 Rating by the National Research Foundation of South Africa. He is an aviator himself and holds a Private Pilot Licence (NR).

[Text sourced from Juta Law]