Law Faculty's Plan

21 Oct 2016
21 Oct 2016

The Law Faculty's strategy to complete the 2016 academic year consists of online teaching as well as holding classes off campus and on Saturdays,  The Faculty particularly wants to ensure that those who are scheduled to graduate in December should be able to do so.

  • Lecturers will individually assess how to prioritize course content or shrinking the syllabus, while ensuring the quality and integrity of the course.
  • Heads of Departments and year coordinators (Ms. Salona Lutchman, Professor Anton Fagan, Dr. Amanda Barrett and Dr. Cathy Powell)  will work with each lecturer to ensure that that they provide an outline of course coverage until the end of the semester as well as description of course assessments, final assignments or exams.  
  • Lecturers will consider alternative forms of assessment including take-home exams, research assignments, online exams, and others.
  • Lecturers will finalize the form that on-line examinations will take in ways which will protect the integrity of the assessment, including trial runs (such as the one that Mr. Mohamed Paleker conducted on Monday with the final year class), or working with the Faculty Office and ICTS in preparation for the administration of the final exam.
  • Professor Rochelle Le Roux will share with all lecturers her plans for the final exam.
  • Ms. Jameelah Omar will send a memo of best practices to lecturers regarding support and assistance to students who are disadvantaged by remote/virtual classes.
  • Where appropriate lecturers will consider ways of reconfiguring the course mark where tests and assignments could not be conducted because of the disruptions.
  • All lecturers who have not yet done so,  will as soon as possible be in touch with their students regarding the plans outlined above.
  • Lecturers will communicate to the HODs and  year coordinators the core reading material to be made available on-line for purposes of essay writing and/or exam preparation. 
  • Lecturers will explore ways of soliciting and responding to queries from students including Vula chat rooms, SKYPE, off-campus group meetings, questions to be shared with all students,  and others.
  • Lecturers will work with tutors to explore ways of translating tutorial exercises into memos to be circulated to all students in their classes.
  • Lecturers will consider class based revision sessions should this become possible within the next two weeks.
  • We will implement a system of bulk SMS notifications to students.
  • A/Professor Tracy Gutuza and Professor Alan Rycroft will coordinate with lecturers to collate the due dates of their online or take-home exams.
  • A/Professor Tracy Gutuza will work with Ms. Sheryl Ronnie, Ms. Faizal Mohamed and Ms. Jane Franco to consider some sort of farewell celebration for international and LL.B. students who graduate and who may not be able to afford to return for graduation in June.