Risk & Disaster Resilience. ESI Quick Bites February 2022

14 Mar 2022
14 Mar 2022

February's February's Evolving Securities Initiative (ESI) Quick Bites, explores Risk & Disaster Resilience.

ESI Quick Bites is a monthly newsletter featuring  interesting publications on New Worlds, New Harmscapes. The Evolving Securities Initiative is led by the Global Risk Governance team and is supported by ProActive ReSolutions.

Insurance beyond risk transfer: innovations in climate-change risk reduction
Adaptation measures that reduce insured risks will in the future define the sustainability of the insurance business model. Using three examples, the authors demonstrate how insurers' underwriting and pricing practice could make a significant contribution to climate change adaptation.

Non-state actors and the acquisition of legitimacy in environmental security
As society confronts dangerous earth system transformations, a wider assemblage of actors beyond the state are engaging with environmental security as a contested concept. How in particular do environmental security debates traverse transnational non-state politics? 

Improving Disaster Resilience
In this review article the authors explore a large range of publications reporting on the use of innovative and disruptive technologies to improve disaster resilience. They consider in particular the experience of work involving smartphones, the Internet of Things, AI, big data and autonomous vehicles. 

Sea-level rise threatens cultural sites and forests 
This article summarises the comprehensive study by a multi-disciplinary team that has identified unique cultural sites and coastal wetlands and forests threatened by climate-related sea-level rise at many points around Africa's coastline.

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