The Global Risk Governance programme (GRG) is a research programme, led by Professor Clifford Shearing, within the Public Law Department, Law Faculty at the University of Cape Town. The programme's research activities are focused on understanding the new, and emerging, risk landscapes that are shaping 21st Century securities. 

Of particular concern are the environmental insecurities associated with the impacts of industrialisation on earth systems. A defining feature of the GRG's research is its regulatory focus, the interdisciplinary nature of its research teams and its collaborative approach. 

Our aim is to enhance security and justice by encouraging policy developments and practical initiatives through partnerships with business, governments and communities. We believe that good theory makes for good policy and good policy makes for good practise. We aim to foster theoretical developments through innovative research within scholarly networks. 

Research themes include:

Environmental and Planetary Futures Programme

Vulnerabilities and Resilience