Oil drilling, possible fracking planned for Okavango region—elephants’ last stronghold

03 Nov 2020
03 Nov 2020

An article in the National Geographic by Jeffrey Barbee and Laurel Neme, published in October 2020,  outlines the dangers of fracking in the Okavango region and its effect on wildlife in the area. "Hundreds of oil wells could come to cover a huge expanse in Namibia and Botswana, in what has been called possibly the 'largest oil play of the decade.' ”

Annette Hübschle, a Namibian-raised environmental social scientist and senior research fellow with the Global Risk Governance Programme at the University of Cape Town, in South Africa quoted in the article said "This is one of the worst forms of land theft and neocolonial resource extraction.” 

"Conservationists and community leaders in the spectacular Okavango wilderness region of Namibia and Botswana are raising alarms over oil and gas exploration and potential production that they fear would threaten the water resources of thousands of people and endangered wildlife."

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