South African Private Law: System and Context


Preliminary Level, first semester, three lectures per week.

Convener: M Baase


Undergraduate LLB students: PVL1003W and PVL1008S.

Graduate LLB students: concurrent registration with PVL1003W, PVL1008S, PBL2000W, PVL2002H, PVL2003H.

Objective: The course serves primarily as an introduction to the common law of property and obligations, although other areas of private law may be covered. Its main aims are, first, to provide both a map of the law and an understanding of the operation of the system of private law rules; and, second, to provide students with an understanding of the development of legal rules in their historical and comparative contexts.

DP requirements: None.

Assessment: Coursework 50% Final Examination 50%.