Intermediate Level, half course, second semester, two lectures per week.

18 NQF credits at HEQSF level 7

Convener: Professors A G Fagan and A J Barnard-Naudé

Course entry requirements: All Preliminary Level courses to have been completed.

Course outline:

This course deals with central issues in analytical, normative, and critical and postcolonial jurisprudence. Topics that could be discussed include the following: the nature of law, the nature of adjudication, and the role of morality in each. Authors whose work could be discussed include the following: John Austin, Hans Kelsen, H L A Hart, Joseph Raz, Jules Coleman, Ronald Dworkin, John Finnis, Duncan Kennedy, Kimberle Crenshaw, Upendra Baxi and Cornell West.

DP requirements: Please refer to the course handout and/or the intermediate year schedule.

Assessment: Coursework 30%, November examination 70%.