Private Law is the law that deals with relationships between individuals and includes, amongst many other areas of law, African Customary Law; Law of Delict, Law of Contract and Law of Property; as well as Law of Persons and Family.Private Law is a core component of the University's LLB, with courses available from one's first year of study and throughout their degree.

For students looking to specialise in Private Law, the Faculty offers an excellent choice of Master's-level courses in Private Law areas. A number of LLM courses are on offer, either as part of the general LLM (for which students can choose any four courses), or sometimes as part of the LLM in Commercial Law. Students can choose to do an LLM by coursework and dissertation, or they can do a Masters by research only. One way to identify courses that suit your interests is to find the details of an academic specialising in your area of interest and approach them for suggestions and advice. The Master's-level courses include:


Advanced Contract Law


Human Rights and Private Law


Property Law in a Constitutional Order


Human Rights, Gender and Family


Delict, Unjustified Enrichment and Human Rights (not offered in 2024)

Private Law is home to a large cohort of PhD students who have come from many different parts of the globe to dedicate themselves to their Private Law research interests under the guidance of UCT Law's area experts.

For full information on courses at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, please consult the Faculty Handbook.