Law of Persons & Family 


Preliminary level, half course, whole year

Course Co-ordinator: Assoc Prof Amanda Barratt

Entrance requirements:
Undergraduate LLB students: concurrent registration with PVL1004H and PVL1003W
Graduate LLB students: concurrent registration with PVL1004H, PVL1003W, PBL2000W, PVL2002H, PVL2003H

Course outline:

This course aims to introduce students to the study of private law. In the first term, the course examines the nature of legal personality; the principles of legal capacity; and looks at the principles of domicile. From the second term, the course focuses on Family Law and looks particularly at the legal relationships between parents and children; the personal consequences of marriage; the law of marital property; divorce; and the law governing unmarried people who live in long-term domestic partnerships. The course also examines the ways in which South African family law is changing to become compliant with the Constitution and Bill of Rights. This course also aims to develop legal problem-solving skills.