Law of Succession 


Preliminary Level, half course, two lectures per week.

18 NQF credits at HEQSF level 7

Convener: M Baase

Course entry requirements: Undergraduate LLB students: concurrent registration with  PBL2000W and PVL2002H. Graduate LLB students: concurrent registration with PVL1003W, PVL1004F, PVL1008S, PBL2000W and PVL2002H.

Course outline:

The course is concerned with the consequences of death and in particular, the devolution of a person’s property on death.

Course content:

The course considers the distinction between testate and intestate succession; the devolution of an estate under intestacy law; testamentary capacity; formalities for wills; revocation and revival of wills; capacity to inherit; freedom of testation; vesting and conditional bequests; the different kinds of testamentary vehicles and the content of wills; doctrine of collation; interpretation of wills and succession by contract. The course will also consider legal ethics in the context of the law of Succession.

DP requirements: Please refer to course handout.

Assessment: Coursework: 50%, Final examination: 50%.