Final Level, half course, second semester, two lectures per week in a single seminar session.

9 NQF credits at HEQSF level 8

Convener: Distinguished Professor Philippe Salazar and Professor A J Barnard-Naudé

Course entry requirements: Preliminary and Intermediate Level courses to have been completed.

Course outline:

The aim of this course is to provide students with the philosophical and practice-oriented fundamentals of rhetorical analysis, in keeping with the Aristotelian project of a polis based on the concept of civic argumentation deployed in three fundamental articulations with the law: the law and democratic deliberation, the law and performance of values, and the law and appropriation of social responsibility. The course is conceived as an enabling instrument to help lawyers to better operate in a democratic environment where the contest of arguments about the law and justice fits uneasily in a pre-arranged judicial and legalistic framework.

DP requirements: None.

Assessment: Seminar presentation 30%, Research paper of 5000 words 70%.