Robert de Rooy

Adjunct Associate Professor


Robert de Rooy is adjunct associate professor in the Department of Private Law. He has taught on drafting with illustrations in the form of “comic contracts” on the Advanced Contract Law LLM for many years. He is a commercial lawyer who cares deeply about the vulnerability of people when they sign contracts they cannot read. From this was born the idea of Comic Contracts, legally binding illustrated contracts for people with low literacy skills or often not first-language speakers of the language in which contracts are usually drafted in the area or country involved. He is recognised internationally as a pioneer in this field. He was awarded the Legal Innovation Award of the World Contract and Commercial Management Association (formerly International Association of Contract and Commercial Management) for his pioneering work with illustrated contracts in 2016, and the Social Justice Innovation Award of the Hague Institute for Innovation in Law in 2019. He has drafted comic contracts and other illustrated documents in many other countries and for international organisations as well. His work has been cited internationally by many authors.

He has B Comm LLB degrees from Stellenbosch University and a MBA from UCT. He is registered for PhD research at the University of Vaasa, Finland. He practices as an attorney at Robert de Rooy Attorneys in Cape Town.


Chapters in international books

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vessel employment contracts” in Comics and Migration: Representation and Other Practices (Taylor & Francis: 2023)

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Articles in international journals and international conference proceedings

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Forthcoming book chapter in international book

De Rooy, R. “Contracts for Dignity” in Legal Design: Dignifying People in Legal Systems (Cambridge University Press: 2023).