A picture of Dr Lefifi

Dr Tebogo Lefifi

Research topic: A comparative study of China’s foreign direct investment in Africa: regulation, policy, and legal cooperation

Graduated in December 2023.

A picture of Dr Raisa

Dr Raisa Nyirongo

Research topic: Navigating Compliance Challenges in African Regional Integration

Graduated in December 2023.

A picture of Dr Nagu

Dr Yakubu Nagu

Research topic: Implementing the African Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA): policies, regulations, laws and institutions required for development

Graduated in December 2023.

A picture of Dr Benjamin

Dr Benjamim Pequenino 

Research topic: Public private partnership contracts in Mozambique and South Africa: managing risks and ensuring sustainability

Graduated in July 2023.

A picture of Dr innocent

Dr Mahlatse Innocent Maake-Malatji

Research topic: The role of collective bargaining in business sustainability and the future of work: a South African perspective

Graduated in July 2023.

Dr Christiana I Agbo-Ejeh

Research topic: Asymmetrical power relations: a legal analysis of the European Union and Economic Community of West African States Economic Partnership Agreement.

Graduated in December 2022.

Dr Gudo Julieth

Research topic: The use of legal provisions by Civil Society Organisations to advance corporate governance in State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs) in South Africa.

Graduated in December 2021.

Dr Ibrahim Harun

Research topic: Federalism as an institutional device for peace in Somalia: prospects and challenges.

Graduated in December 2021.

Dr Tsotang Tsietsi

Research topic: Trade facilitation in the Southern African Development Community (SADC): impediments, costs and prospects for redress.

Graduated in July 2021.

Dr Ogochukwu Monye

Research topic: Rethinking the legal and institutional architecture for digital financial services in Nigeria towards improved financial inclusion.

Graduated in July 2021.

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Dr Augustine Arimoro 

Research topic: The role of law in the successful completion of public private partnership projects in Nigeria: Lessons from South Africa.

Graduated in April 2019.

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Dr Oyeniyi Abe

Research topic: The rights – based approach to extractive resource  governance in Nigeria through the lens of the UN guiding principles on  business and  Human Rights: Lessons from South Africa.

Graduated in June 2018.