The CCLA currently maintains three research tracks as follows:

  1. Legal Integration in Africa
    As the continent's regional integration processes advance, it becomes imperative to create legal frameworks that are feasible, recognisable and fairly predictable across Africa. In this initiative, the strategy of the CCLA is to work with law scholars and practitioners from Africa and beyond to establish the study and application of comparative law in Africa.

  2. Comparative Law, Development and the Rule of Law in Africa
    The underpinning principle and overarching aim of CCLA activities is the strengthening of the rule of law in the context of Africa's multiple normative systems. CCLA's comparative law research is therefore directed at distilling common constructs of the rule of law around which other legal interventions can grow. Ultimately, submission to the rule of law promotes good governance which in turn creates an enabling environment for development to flourish.

  3. Comparative Energy Law in Africa
    The recurring discovery of oil, gas and other natural resources across Africa calls for the consolidation of expertise in energy law and policy in Africa from multi-sectoral, interdisciplinary and comparative perspectives. It is imperative that African contexts are integrated into the global engagement with energy security and this research track is designed to feed into this discourse.