The Journal of Comparative Law in Africa (JCLA) is a peer-reviewed bi-annual academic legal journal to be published in February and November of each year by the Centre for Comparative Law in Africa (CCLA), at the University of Cape Town (South Africa). The Journal is bilingual (publishable in both English and French) and seeks to address legal issues on the African continent. In addition, the Journal is currently accredited by the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET).

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Latest and previous copies of the Journal of Comparative Law in Africa are listed below (you may click the link to access):

JCLA Vol 9 Issue No 1 2022

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JCLA Vol 8 Issue No 1 2021                                      JCLA Vol 8 Issue No 2 2021


JCLA Vol 7 Issue No 1 2020                                      JCLA Vol 7 Issue No 1 2020

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JCLA Vol 6 Issue No 1 2019                                       JCLA Vol 6 Issue No 2 2019               


JCLA Vol 5 Issue No 1 2018                                      JCLA Vol 5 Issue No 2 2018   


JCLA Vol 4 Issue No 2 2017                                  JCLA Vol 4 Issue No 1 2017

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JCLA Vol 3 Issue No 1 2016                                  JCLA Vol 3 Issue No 2 2016

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JCLA Vol 2 Issue No 2 2015                                  JCLA Vol 2 Issue No 1 2015

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JCLA Vol 1 Issue 1 2014