The centre has a core of committed Doctoral Students and Graduates who are supervised by the academic staff in the centre. Our Doctoral Students include:

Sithembele Madala



Researching on the enforcement of judgments by Africa's regional courts




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Researching on the impact of the WTO General agreement on trade in services on the regulation of trade in services in the context of Africa’s regional trade agreements.



Adetutu Oluwaseyi

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Researching on Informal Cross-Border Trade (ICBTs) in the context of the implemention of the African Continental Free Trade Afreement (AfCFTA). 


Chebo Tamajong Nfor

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Researching on the role of Africa's Regional courts in complementing the AfCFTA Dispute Settlement Mechanism by closing the gaps for Non-State Parties. 


Nkosana Maphosa

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Researching on the suitability of the general theories of law and development to promote sustainable development in Africa.