The global investment interest in Africa is generating a multiplicity of transactions which are captured in complex legal documents. Although the meeting ground and subject matter of engagement is Africa, there is limited African expertise to negotiate and conduct the transactional processes that accompany this engagement. Therefore, capacity-building by way of technical skills development is a key focus of CCLA's applied comparative law activities. Target participants are public and private sector personnel whose responsibilities make it imperative for them to be familiar with law and policy governing various industries. Comprehensive equipping of this key component of Africa's human resources will involve knowledge exchange and experience sharing in the practical operation of various legal frameworks operating across the continent.

Another initiative is the regional law-in-development roundtable which is directed at providing a platform to generate, capture and channel multi-stakeholder input into the law and policy-making process.

In partnership with Law@Work, workshops are being organised in comparative contexts for various industries and sectors in Africa. These include oil and gas, intellectual property and intra-African business development, among others.