Semester: First Semester Course Convener: Assoc. Professor Graham Bradfield Format: Weekly Lectures & Small Block Teaching components

The course examines the concepts and legal principles governing international law of the sea, including the following specific areas of international law: (1) The law governing jurisdictional zones; (2) marine pollution law; and (3) marine resources law. The course is presented in three parts as follows: (1) international law of the sea: the law governing jurisdictional zones of the sea; determination of baselines; settlement of dispute regarding jurisdictional zones; (2) the law governing protection and exploitation of marine resources: protection of marine living resources; offshore oil and gas regulation; and miscellaneous resources; and (3) marine pollution law: sources of marine pollution and overview of the international legal framework; pollution from ships; dumping; pollution from seabed activities; pollution from land-based sources and atmospheric pollution.