John Cartwright

Research Fellow

John Cartwright is a Research Fellow at the Global Risk Governance programme.

After years of experience as a scholar, teacher and academic administrator in universities in South Africa, the United Kingdom and Canada, he has for the last twenty-two years been working on innovative projects in community policing, especially through the lens of 'placemaking'. He is also a creative writer and performance artist.

Some of his publications include:

Cartwright, J. & Shearing, C. 2012. Where's the Chicken? Making South Africa Safe. Cape Town: Burnet Media.

Dinnen, S., Cartwright, J., Jenneker, M., Shearing, C., Wai, I. & Maia, P. 2010. Community-building and Security: Case Studies. In: Luker, V. & Dinnen, S. Eds. Civic Insecurity Law, Order and HIV in Papua New Guinea. Canberra: The Australian National University Press, 237-264.

Cartwright, J. & Shearing, C. 2009. Introduction. In: Gould, C. Ed. Criminal (In)Justice in South Africa: A Civil Society Perspective. Pretoria: Institute for Security Studies, 1-10.

Cartwright, J. 2004. From Aquinas to Zwelethemba: A Brief History of Hope. The Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science. 592(1): 166-184.

Shearing, C. & Cartwright, J. 2004 Building Peace in the Cape: Safer Society. The Journal of Crime Reduction and Community Safety. 23:20-22.